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Powerful online accounting

Manage all accounting functions, from invoicing to management accounting, for a single, affordable monthly subscription.

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Twinfield Online Accounting software

Twinfield online accounting software easily manages all accounting functions, from invoicing to management accounting – for the smallest startup to the largest international group.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Advisors and clients share real-time information

Advisors and clients share real-time information

Collaborate with the confidence that the system is as up to date as the last transaction and invoice posted. Advisors can view the live financial position so they can better advise on business-critical decisions.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Scalable software that copes with business growth

Scalable software that copes with business growth

Start with basic bookkeeping functions safe in the knowledge that as required you can simply add more advanced features, like Fixed Assets, Project Accounting, Inter-company Postings, Group Consolidation and Currency Revaluation.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency

Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency

Instantly see a company’s financial position in the currency of choice, as well as produce international group reports in the designated reporting currency.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Time saving report drill-down

Time saving report drill-down

Drill-down from any report to the initiating transaction, scanned image or stored invoice for immediate responses to queries. A single ledger design eliminates the need for reconciliation and period close, giving you more time to analyse the figures instead of creating them.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Seamless API integration

Seamless API integration

Our open API links provide secure integration with your chosen business systems, such as stock and purchase control and pull data into Twinfield reports. Visit our developer site for more information.

Twinfield Online Accounting - End-to-end accounting

End-to-end accounting

Twinfield integrates with CCH Accounts Production and Basecone providing a complete, end-to-end accounting solution, for advisors and businesses.

Twinfield Online Accounting - Access source documents

Access source documents

Permission settings allow control over who can access documents giving you better security over your client’s information.

Twinfield Online Accounting - First class security

First class security

Using data centres in Europe, data is protected by firewalls, anti-virus and data encryption software with independent security audits carried out quarterly.

CCH OneClick Advisor

For advisors

  • Collaboratively enable your customers to process transactions
  • Give access to source documents
  • Manage business finances at any time from any location
  • Import and automate bank statement processing
  • Submit VAT returns online direct to HMRC (MTD compliant April 2019)
  • Scan invoices via smartphones with Basecone document scanning
  • Reduce processing time with intelligent self-learning software
  • View document images linked to transactions
CCH OneClick Client

For clients

  • Manage business finances at any time from any location
  • Import and automate bank statement processing
  • Submit VAT returns online direct to HMRC (MTD compliant April 2019)
  • Scan invoices via smartphones with Basecone document scanning
  • Reduce processing time with intelligent self-learning software
  • Scalable software that helps your business grow
  • Multi-language, multi-company, multi-currency
  • Make better decisions with real-time data
  • Open API allows you to link seamlessly to other systems

“Twinfield stood out for flexibility… Businesses of any size will find it advantageous. For a large group of companies it can help bring their information together in a much more timely manner. For a start-up, with integrated management reporting it can help grow the business. We can provide a better service, be more interactive.”

Emma Chesson, Head of Online Services, Kreston Reeves

Twinfield – truly collaborative online accounting software

Oversee client accounts remotely in real-time and raise a flag if there’s an opportunity to reduce risk or increase profit. Reduce labour intensive, low-margin compliance work and focus on advisory client services.

Discover which problems Twinfield online accounting software can help solve for you and your clients.

Home page dashboard configuration

Customisable dashboards deliver quick access to the areas you work in the most. Quickly switch between your important functions from your dashboard and monitor KPIs such as real-time insight into your sales figures and viewing all unpaid sales invoices.

Twinfield Online Accounting Software Homepage
Wolters Kluwer CCH Central Screenshot

CCH software integration

Twinfield integrates seamlessly with CCH Accounts Production providing a complete, end-to-end solution for professional advisors and their clients, and eliminates the need to rekey data to produce annual accounts.

Group consolidation at-a-glance

Get a consolidated up-to-the-minute report on all company entities. At-a-glance, view the overall health of your clients business and how each subsidiary impacts the parent company – essential for larger organisations that have many subsidiaries.

Twinfield Accounting Software Report - Consolidated multi-company
Twinfield - Sales Invoice Timeline

Sales Invoice Timeline

Within each invoice you can see a timeline on every action taken during the sales invoice process allowing you to quickly see an audit trial of activity. From here you can mark the invoice as a Credit, Paid or Resend.

Twinfield integrates with many leading solutions to expand the functionality available to your practice

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