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Deliver high-quality tax work in the quickest possible time

Simplify and streamline every step in the tax return process, from data collection and data entry through to review, approval and online filing.

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CCH Personal Tax Software

Optimise every stage of the tax return and preparation process. The result? Fewer keystrokes, fewer mouse clicks and faster navigation throughout.

CCH Personal Tax - Greater e-filing success

Greater e-filing success

CCH Personal Tax return software incorporates the full HMRC XML framework for validating tax returns, giving it an unparalleled success rate for SA100, SA800 and SA900 online filing.

CCH Personal Tax - Complete and file tax return quickly and accurately

Complete and file tax return quickly and accurately

The Errors & Exceptions panel highlights any problems or inconsistencies and allows you to easily amend errors before submitting. You can also populate data directly from CCH Accounts Production.

CCH Personal Tax - The workflow tool

Standardise processes across the tax department using the workflow tool

Customisable workflow templates guide your staff through the tasks they need to perform so that everyone in the practice follows the same procedures every time.

CCH Personal Tax - Faster e-filing transmission

Faster e-filing transmission

Batch e-filing speeds up submission and allows progress to be reviewed across client portfolios.

CCH Personal Tax - Improve the scope of your tax advice

Improve the scope of your tax advice

Additional modules available within CCH Personal Tax allow you to quickly and accurately prepare and review more complex returns. CCH CGT & Dividend Scheduling, for example, simplifies the completion of capital gains tax calculations and automates the population of dividend data.

CCH Personal Tax - Ensure consistent delivery of all items

Ensure consistent delivery of all items

The Tax Return feature allows you to predefine the documents you send to your clients for them to authorise submission of the return to HMRC.

CCH Personal Tax - Global mobility solutions with our Expat modules

Global mobility solutions with our Expat modules

Advise your clients on arising vs remittance basis and accurately manage hypothetical tax.

CCH Personal Tax - Simplified return review

Simplified return review

The CCH Return Review module uses variance analysis to automatically highlight key areas of risk, helping you to improve accuracy, streamline the review process and reduce the risk of HMRC enquiries.

Simplify and streamline your tax return process

Accountants need to confidently produce high-quality compliance work, at pace, to as many clients as possible.

With CCH Personal Tax return software you can do just that, and more.

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“The reporting tool for CCH Personal Tax is very good. As a firm we like to be proactive on behalf of our clients, so we use this to identify opportunities where they might benefit from advice or tax planning. It’s simple to produce a report of clients with a certain source of income, or those earning above a particular amount, so that we can market our services accordingly.”

Anne Melville, Associate, Johnston Smillie

Complete tax returns in less time

Margins on compliance work are shrinking every year as clients expect greater efficiencies through the use of technology. With an optimised process at every stage of the tax return and the ability to drill down to each figure, you can reduce the time taken to complete your client’s tax returns. You can also quickly create a Tax Return pack for your client within a few clicks.

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CCH Personal Tax - Tax Computation
CCH Personal Tax - Review Process

Automate the review process reducing the risk of errors

With CCH Return Review you can compare current and previous year entries to highlight variances such as missing, incomplete or inconsistent information allowing you to review the return quickly.

Manage workflow within the tax department

Customisable workflow templates guide your staff through the tasks they need to perform so that everyone in the practice follows the same procedures every time.

CCH Personal Tax - Workflow homepage
CCH Personal Tax - Easily share data between spouse accounts

Save time working on jointly owned income

Any sources of income that can be legitimately held jointly with a spouse can be marked in CCH Personal Tax. Their share of that income can be transferred to the other spouse’s tax return from within CCH Personal Tax saving you time by not having to manually rekey that data.

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Quickly view the dividend feed from FTSE 350 companies

You can view the dividend feed of the Footsie 350 company dividends from within CCH Personal Tax, giving you the information in real-time right at your fingertips. Any company you select will roll forward from one year to the next, saving you the time finding the same companies during the busy tax return season.

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CCH Personal Tax - Quickly view the dividend feed from FTSE 350 companies

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“The way that the computation is updated in real time makes planning a lot easier. For example, if you’re trying to decide what dividends should be paid out to directors for the year, or pension planning, or anything where you need to try out different figures. As you change the numbers in CCH Personal Tax you can instantly see the effect on the overall tax liability.”

Clare Slattery, Senior Manager, Streets

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