Market-leading integrated accounting software

CCH Central redefines software integration. Get a complete picture of your clients and your practice, share information effortlessly and improve client service.

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CCH Central software suite

A fully integrated, central database of accounting software which can intelligently share information wherever and whenever it’s needed.

CCH Central - Greater insight

Greater insight

Get a clear view of what’s important this minute or this month. The intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone – even occasional users – to find out what needs to be done.

CCH Central - Improved data flow

Improved data flow

Secure links to online sources – including HMRC’s digital account for each taxpayer and transactional data from third-party, online accounting systems. Effortlessly provide data to those who need it.

CCH Central - Enhanced client service

Enhanced client service

Get a complete picture of your clients and your practice without having to swap between individual programs. Give your clients a faster, better service based on complete and current data in real-time.

CCH Central - Efficiency from a single database

Efficiency from a single database

CCH Central eliminates wasted effort and eradicates errors with a single, central database so you only enter and update information in one place.

CCH Central - Automate key processes

Automate key processes

Automate and standardise routine processes within your practice, leaving you more time to deal with any exceptions.

CCH Central - Better planning, greater foresight

Better planning, greater foresight

Use up to date information to make well-informed decisions. Find out about potential situations before they become problems.

CCH Central - Faster reporting

Faster reporting

Simple drag and drop reporting tools make information instantly accessible, no matter where it’s held.

CCH Central - Quicker results

Quicker results

Within all modules in CCH Central you can open and detach multiple tabs allowing you to easily scan across different screens quickly.

Discover how CCH Central can transform your practice

CCH Central is far more than just a central database. It’s an environment in which programs within the CCH software suite can intelligently share information.

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Drive growth and efficiency with an intelligent, fully integrated accounting software suite that ensures you are making the best use of your time.

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CCH Central - Client centric view

Configure your home page

Configure CCH Central the way you want and easily access all the information you need about your client from a single application.

In CCH Central everything you need to know about your client, from their contact details, to the current WIP, history of bills, to the production of accounts and tax returns can be accessed from a single application. This eliminates the need to log into various separate software, flicking between screens or copy and pasting details from one system to another.

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Automate routine processes through workflows

Workflows guide staff through their daily tasks. These can be triggered by an event – such as setting up a new client – or by the completion of another workflow, leaving partners and managers free to focus on managing end-to-end client relationships.

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CCH Central - Workflows
CCH Central - CCH Reporting tool

Simple to use but powerful report generator

The CCH Reporting tool allows you to uncover the answers you need to find from within your practice data. The reports can contain data from thousands of fields across all products within the CCH Central suite.

You can also mix data from different products, for example Client turnover from CCH Accounts Production vs fee income from CCH Practice Management.

An easy to follow wizard guides your though creating your reports which can be saved, exported or shared with colleagues as you wish. CCH Reporting also contains filters, pivot tables or calculated columns to help you understand and view your data the best way possible.

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Personalise workspaces across your departments

CCH Central allows everyone to get the information they need presented in a format that works best for them. For example, partners or managers can create dashboards giving them a snapshot view on a variety of metrics across the practice including upcoming task and appointments, tax return volumes, WIP or debt recoverability.

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CCH Central - Communicate with your clients

Quickly and easily communicate with your clients

Wherever you are within CCH Central you can quickly send a document to your client using CCH OneClick. If you want to send a set of accounts or a tax return bundle you can do this within just a few clicks.

CCH Central also has mail merge functionality so you can quickly send letters and documents to a number of different clients without having to spend time exporting lists into Excel and managing the process outside of your accounting software.

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