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Accounts production made easy

With CCH Accounts Production software, you can automate key processes, saving you valuable time to focus on opportunities for new business and adding real value to your client relationships.

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CCH Accounts Production software

Make your accounts production processes as efficient and profitable as possible.

CCH Account Production - Compliance covered with confidence

Compliance covered with confidence

Fully compliant with FRS102 for all company sizes, with regular compliance updates issued promptly. CCH Accounts Production software will give you the confidence that you’ll produce accounts satisfying statutory and legal requirements.

CCH Account Production - All formats covered

All formats covered

Produce fully compliant accounts for sole-traders, partnerships, LLPs, companies, charities, pension schemes, medical practices, farms, academies and groups. Including FRS101, FRS102 (incl. section 1A), FRS105 and IFRS.

CCH Account Production - Quickly customise final accounts

Quickly customise final accounts

Custom styles can be quickly applied without changing the underlying accounts formats, so you can use an existing house style and make special modifications for clients who need them.

CCH Account Production - Review and amend accounts on screen

Review and amend accounts on screen

The final accounts review is an important but time-consuming process. We’ve made it as simple and straightforward as possible, while helping you make sure that your financial statements are accurate and compliant.

CCH Account Production - Links to bookkeeping software

Open integration with bookkeeping software

Pull in your client’s full transaction history directly from QuickBooks, Xero, Sage One, Exact and Twinfield at the click of a button. No exporting and importing of CSV files required.

CCH Account Production - iXBRL tagging and filing

Two-way synchronisation

Any journals you post in CCH Accounts Production can be synchronised back to most of your client’s bookkeeping software. No more asking your clients to post year end journals.

CCH Account Production - CCH Central suite

Data available across the entire CCH Central suite

Information held in CCH Accounts Production can be used across the entire suite for business consultancy, financial and tax planning.

CCH Account Production - Reduce risk with exception reports

Reduce risk with exception reports

Exception reports highlight potential issues before the accounts are finalised. With all disclosures identified and addressed by this accounting software, risks to you and your clients are minimised.

Discover the benefits of CCH Accounts Production

CCH Accounts Production automates the entire accounts process from data entry to online filing – making compliance as efficient and as profitable as possible – and offers new opportunities for added-value services.

Work quickly, minimise errors and reduce risk – watch our short video to find out how.

CCH Accounts Production software makes your entire accounts production process as efficient and profitable as possible and offers new opportunities for added-value services.

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Review and amend accounts on screen

Final review is an important but time-consuming process. CCH Accounts production makes the process simple and straight forward, while helping you make sure reports are accurate. From the preview of the final accounts it’s possible to drill-down to the underlying data. This makes it much easier to review and finalise accounts.

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CCH Accounts Production Drill-down on Final Accounts
Wolters Kluwer CCH Accounts Production Xero Import

Permanently connect to your client’s bookkeeping software

CCH Accounts Production makes working with multiple bookkeeping applications easy by creating a permanent connection to the full nominal ledger of a wide range of online bookkeeping products, including Twinfield and Xero.

For greater connectivity between bookkeeping software, the power of CCH Open Integration within CCH OneClick will not only utilise that full transaction history for the preparation of accounts within CCH Account Production, but also for filing quarterly reports under the new Making Tax Digital regime.

Learn more about CCH Open Integration.

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Complete control over content and appearance

Edit the look and feel of the final accounts without affecting the statutory formats. Customise individual words, phrases and even punctuation. Version control ensures your inhouse styling will stay the same even when the statutory formats are updated.

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Wolters Kluwer CCH Accounts Production Style Final Accounts
Wolters Kluwer CCH Accounts Production Actionable Insight

Add value by delivering actionable information and advice

Having access to real-time accounting data means you can give your clients more accurate and more actionable information and advice right there and then. It’s a great way to demonstrate relevance, add real value on an advisory level and build loyalty.

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Webinar: Discover the benefits of CCH Accounts Production

Watch this one hour webinar where we will demonstrate how you can produce accounts quickly, accurately and efficiently using CCH Accounts Production.

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Discover the benefits of CCH Accounts Production

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