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100 days of GDPR: What have we learnt?

2018-11-21T17:18:08+01:0026 September 2018|Categories: Practices, GDPR, Cloud technology, Digitalisation, Corporates|Tags: , , , |

In today’s fast paced world, the launch of GDPR seems like an age ago. The days leading up to 25th May 2018 were frantic for many businesses as they raced to implement the right controls to meet the compliance requirements.

Webinar: Improve your practice efficiency with CCH Document Management

2019-05-23T10:07:40+01:004 September 2018|Categories: Practices, GDPR, Document management, Video Webinar|Tags: , , , |

A one hour webinar to find out how CCH Document Management makes it easier and safer to manage and share information in an accounting practice.

Facing today’s challenges with document management

2019-01-16T13:57:47+01:0028 August 2018|Categories: Practices, GDPR, Digitalisation, Document management|Tags: , , , |

Paperless business is a reality. The rapid reduction of paper usage is well underway as more businesses evolve from physical document storage to digital document management systems.

GDPR compliance: a marathon, not a sprint

2018-11-21T17:25:10+01:0014 August 2018|Categories: Practices, GDPR, Cloud technology, Digitalisation|Tags: , , |

The race to the May 25th GDPR deadline was a sprint to meeting compliance requirements. Now, with the deadline having passed and GDPR here to stay, the real challenge for businesses will be compliance sustainability. Are you prepared for the marathon ahead?

Webinar: Discover CCH OneClick

2018-11-21T17:28:25+01:0030 May 2018|Categories: Practices, MTD, GDPR, Accounting, Cloud technology, Digitalisation, Tax, Video Webinar|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Watch this one hour webinar where you can discover how CCH OneClick can transform your practice.

Wolters Kluwer delivers CCH OneClick for UK accountancy practices and their clients

2018-11-21T17:44:44+01:0016 May 2018|Categories: Practices, MTD, GDPR, Accounting, Cloud technology, Digitalisation, Corporates|Tags: , , , , |

Built for accountancy practices and their clients, CCH OneClick enables Tax Advisors to embrace digitalisation and delivers the open integration that practices need to connect digital data held in a variety of systems.

The 7 principles of GDPR: how they affect accountancy practices and their clients

2018-11-21T17:45:27+01:0010 May 2018|Categories: Practices, GDPR, Compliance, Corporates|Tags: , , |

In a little over two weeks, GDPR will take effect across the EU. It applies to any organisation, regardless of its size, inside or outside Europe, which holds or uses the personal data of EU citizens.

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